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West Cornwall T Shirt Printing – Screen Printers

Independent t shirt printing service based in West Cornwall UK. Our Cornwall t shirt printers specialise in hand pulled screen printing on to all types of t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies.

Unit 9, Bejowans Business Park, St Buryan, Penzance, Cornwall, TR19 6EF

TEL: +447772386745


3 Colour Split Fountain T Shirt Printing for ‘Space Or Die’ Bristol

3 colour split fountain t shirt prints for ‘space or Die’ Bristol. Another awesome creative print job which out Bristol t shirt printers cant get enough of.

3 Colour Chest Print T Shirt Printing for Dupe Clothing

Stashbucks Offshore t shirts for Dupe Clothing. When t shirt printing in Cornwall it is always a refreshing change to have well designed and quirky design to screen print like this one. We look forward to what the next batch of t shirts from Dupe will be.

Shakespeare Magazine T Shirt Printing

This Shakespeare design printing like a dream and yet a print to test any t shirt printer. We screen printed these t shirts at our Cornwall screen print studio for the Bristol based Shakespeare magazine. First a run of 50 t shirts then back for a second run of 5o to selling quick.

‘Swamp Breed’ Independent Bristol T Shirt Printing Brand

Swamp Breed are a Bristol based independent clothing brand, with roots in skateboarding this brand has its own unique style and branding. Another brand which our Bristol screen printers have the privilege to print for.

Cornwall T Shirt Screen Printing

Hand pulled screen printing from an independent Cornwall t-shirt printer. Come pay us a visit and say hello…Workshop Unit 9, Bejowans Farm, St Buryan, Penzance, Cornwall, TR19 6EF

TEL: 07772386745

2 colour chest prints on Gildan Premier t-shirts for HTC Hip Hop Theatre

We had fun designing screen printing these t-shirts for HTC – Hip Hop Theatre Collective based in Stockholm in Sweden. Run by Remi Micheal of Bristol this is truly great movement to be apart of and yet another great job we had the privilege to print. All printed by our team of Cornwall t-shirt screen printers now based in Penzance.

Garment Label Printing

 Custom label (nape) printing is a great way to further customise your clothing line. We remove existing stock labels, in replacement for a custom screen printed design on the inside of the neck. This completely re-brands you garments and is also a good way to add brand information, strap lines and website address's. We can re-brand t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, zip hoodies, polo t shirts, vests + more.

Examples of printed labels on T shirt neck (inside)


Below is an example of how your label design should look. To save screen set up costs we add all sizes and mark the correct size with the dot underneath, the remaining dots are taped off not to be printed. The screen set up charge for this is free with any screen print run.

If you would like the sizing of the garment to be presented in your labels similar to the example below, each size as a word, then this will require an additional screen set up cost. As a new label design will have to transferred onto the screen for each size.

Printed labels / Artwork on other garment locations


sleeve printing on long sleeve t-shirts for Trap Diamond

We screen printed these very stylish long sleeve t-shirts at our Bristol t-shirt printing studio. Complete with full length double sleeve prints and a single colour chest print. Follow Trap Diamond and show your support for independent brands.

Superior Vapour

We screen printed this fruity design for ‘Superior Vapour’ based in Bristol UK. Its was hand pulled using a white under base and mint green as the second colour. T-shirt screen printers love it when a nice, well designed logo comes into the studio and onto the press.