Screen Printing Services

What is screen printing? Basically screen printing is a labour intensive process with each colour of the print requiring a separate screen printing screen/plate. Each additional colour is hand printed then spot dried between colours. The garment is rotated on a specialist screen printing carousel for the application of each additional colour. The garments are then heat cured on a tunnel dryer to provide maximum print durability and colour longevity.

Single Colour Screen Print

Single colour prints are the most popular choice for short volume fashion and promotional t-shirts for our customers. This is due to a quicker set up process in making the printing screens. This reduces the final print cost to you, the customer.

2 Colour Screen Print

Requiring a set up of 2 x screens, one for each print colour in the print. We off great deals on 2colour prints on our price page which include free screen set up.

3 Single Colour Screen Print

The screen printing process takes place on a specialist screen printing carousel. It is the same machine for t shirts and sweatshirts. Once you understand the process you may want to tailor your multi colour logo design to a simpler sharper one or two colour print. This is because each additional colour is added using the same process and for extra colours the garment unit costs increase as the process becomes more labour intensive the more colours there are per design.

We suggest for economy of scale that minimum runs of 50 garments are usually the standard for 3 and 4 colour prints.

This garment had a 3 colour ‘bitmap’ chest print, to blend the orange ink into the yellow, creating a smooth gradient.

4 Colour Screen Print

Requiring a set up of 4 x screens, one for each print colour in the print.


Split Fountain Screen Prints

Split fountain screen printing, is a technique for screen printing two or several colours in one pass. It is a great way to have more colourful prints without the added expense of extra screen set up.

As you can see in the example below which is a 2 colour screen set up. The first layer had 3 colours of ink pulled in one pass, the second layer being the black outline, creating a 4 colour print.

Printed Garment Labels (Custom)

We can remove the Garment swing tag labels and re-place with custom screen printed labels, these are a popular addition. Not only do they give your garment a modern look and rebrand. Functionally they make the garment more comfortable to wear and make it easier for a customer to read sizing details when purchasing in store from a row of garments squashed together on clothes hangers.

Individual Garment Folding/Packaging/size labelling

We offer your brand the chance to further personalise your garments with our folding, packaging and tagging service.