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Plastisol is an oil based ink which is the go to ink for most screen printers. It is the most versatile of all inks and can print onto a wide range of fabrics.

The finished print leaves a thick deposit of ink that is extremely hard wearing.

Plastisol colours are the most consistent and vibrant of all ink types, especially when printing onto dark fabrics.

Ink Rating:

  • Vibrancy – 5/5
  • Colour Accuracy – 5/5
  • Softness – 2/5
  • Washability – 4/5

    Water Based

    Water based inks are the most environmentally friendly option and do not need harmful chemicals to clean the screen after the print run.

    The finished print has a softer feel than plastisol and generally works best on light coloured garments.

    For vibrant colours on dark garments it’s best to print a white underbase first.

    Ink Rating:
    • Vibrancy – 4/5
    • Colour Accuracy – 3/5
    • Softness – 5/5
    • Washability – 5/5


    Discharge inks are really quite unique. They are water-based and considered an environmentally friendly option.

    What makes discharge printing so unique is that instead of adding ink to the garment, the dye from the fabric is removed and replaced with a highly concentrated colour pigment.

    After one wash the print cannot be felt to the touch.


    Limitations of Discharge Printing
    • It only works on 100% cotton coloured t-shirts
    • Print colours may vary on different colours of cotton
    • White prints are not brilliant white but a slightly off white.
    Ink Rating:
    • Vibrancy – 3/5
    • Colour Accuracy – 3/5
    • Softness – 5/5
    • Washability – 4/5

    Water based Reflective ink.

    The most recent addition to our ink range is eco-friendly water based reflective ink.

    It has the same characteristics as water-based ink and is extremely reflective.

    Due to the reflective particles in the ink we don’t recommend too much detail in the design, solid areas will print much better.


    Ink Rating:
    • Vibrancy – 4/5
    • Colour Accuracy – 3/5
    • Softness – 5/5
    • Washability – 5/5

    Gold and Silver inks.

    We have a selection of gold and silver inks, both water based and plastisol inks.

    They come in a metallic or glitter finish.

    Specialty inks available

    • Gold metallic inks
    • Silver metallic inks
    • Reflective water based ink (ideal for workwear)
    • Puff plastisol (for a 3d puffed out print)
    • Cracking water based ink (for the distressed look)
    • Glow in the dark water based ink
    • Stretch additive for plastisol inks (ideal for spandex or wetsuit printing)

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