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Surfboard Decals

Our surfboard decals are screen printed onto Japanese acid free Rice Paper. The acid free factor means less bleed and better colour registration.

We hand print our decal sheets with a maximum print size of 420mm x 590mm (A2) At this print size each sheet can have approx. 40 logos @ 70mm x 70mm. Multiple logo sizes and designs can be printed on each sheet. We require high resolution artwork files of your design in order to create the sheet layout.


We also offer one-off A4 digitally printed sheets @ £5 per sheet. Although not as high quality as hand pulled and they cannot be printed in white, they are a good option if you only have one board to brand.


Please see our price structure below for 1 and 2 colour logos. If you require more colours or quantities, get in touch for a quote.

Larger A2 decals sheets are available on request, please send us your order for a quote

Note: Elusive Press is an entirely VAT free business.

Single Colour Logos

Free screen set up

    10 x A3 sheets


    20 x A3 sheets


    30 x A3 sheets


    2 colour Logos

    Free screen set up

    10 x A3 sheets


    20 x A3 sheets


    30+ x A3 sheets


    Decal examples

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