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Garment Label Printing

Custom label (nape) printing is a great way to further customise your clothing line. We remove existing stock labels, and replace them with a custom screen-printed design on the inside of the neck. This completely re-brands your garments and is also a good way to add brand information, strap lines and website addresses. We can re-brand t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, zip hoodies, polo t shirts, vests, and more.

Examples of printed labels on T-Shirt neck (inside)

Below is an example of how your label design could look. To save screen set up costs we add all sizes and mark the correct size with the dot underneath, the remaining dots are taped off not to be printed. The screen set up charge for this is free with any screen print run.

The label design on the right requires an additional screen cost for each size. As each size label is individually marked and will require its own design for each size.

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