Gold and silver foil printing

What is gold and silver foil screen printing? This is a process that requires the same set up as a normal screen print run, so a screen is needed for each colour in the design. The differance with foil transfer printing is that instead of screen printing an ink onto the garment, a specialist foil adhesive is printed through the screen and cured onto the garment. Following this the foil (normally gold or silver) is cut to size off a roll and placed on top of the adhesive. This is then heat pressed using our industrial press, until the foil bonds with the adhesive, creating a long lasting and shiny print.

The advantage of silver and gold foil transfer printing is that the result is a brillant metallic finish which will glisten in the light. We have had some stunning results with this and some very happy customers.


As the are so many varibles when pricing silver foil transfer printing, we have not included a price structure for this service.

In order for us to give you an accurate quote on silver, gold or coloured foil printing, we would need to see the design and know the following, as the unit price will depend on these elements:

  • Quantity of your order.
  • Size of the print.

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