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Garment Label Printing

 Custom label (nape) printing is a great way to further customise your clothing line. We remove existing stock labels, in replacement for a custom screen printed design on the inside of the neck. This completely re-brands you garments and is also a good way to add brand information, strap lines and website address's. We can re-brand t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, zip hoodies, polo t shirts, vests + more.

Examples of printed labels on T shirt neck (inside)


Below is an example of how your label design should look. To save screen set up costs we add all sizes and mark the correct size with the dot underneath, the remaining dots are taped off not to be printed. The screen set up charge for this is free with any screen print run.

If you would like the sizing of the garment to be presented in your labels similar to the example below, each size as a word, then this will require an additional screen set up cost. As a new label design will have to transferred onto the screen for each size.

Printed labels / Artwork on other garment locations


T-shirt printers Cornwall

Elusive Press Cornwall Screen Print Studio – We are a quility garment printers based in West Cornwall.

Cornwall Screen Printer

We grew our business in South Bristol for over 10 years. Now located in Penzance, West Cornwall. We are quility t-shirt printers, Specializing in high end screen printing on t-shirts, hoodies, polos, vests and crew neck sweatshirts.

Tigandchill, Zesk tag t-shirt

tigandchill bristol screen printer tshirt printing low rez-8665Another batch of screen printed t-shirts for ‘Tigandchill’. This time a tag design by Zesk. They also choose to re-brand the garments by optiong to remove the stock label in exchange for a custom screen printed label.

See our price page for more info on our label service.


Fresh Styles Clothing

fresh styles bristol screen printer tshirt printing low rez-8606This batch of custom tshirts was truley a bespoke piece of art. The chest pocket was hand screen printed onto fabric, cut out and stitched onto the t-shirt to create the pocket. The inside label prints were added and the woven labels were removed, thus re-branding the tshirt. All produced in our Bristol screen print studio by our professional screen printers and seamstress’s.

Please click the photos to enlarge and view closer.

Vinyl heat transfers

What is vinyl heat transfer printing? The design is reversed and cut onto sheets of vinyl transfer paper using a plotter (cutter). Following this, the design is flipped and placed onto the garment in the location where the print is desired. The vinyl design is then heat pressed onto the garment. Once cooled, the vinyl backing paper is pealed away leaving the design printed on the garment.


What is vinyl transfer printing good for? Unlike screen printing, this printing method does not require any set up cost. This makes it the perfect solution for one-off garments or to personalise an already screen printed garment.  For example, a stag or hen-do for 20 people would require the same design screen printed onto the front of the garment and individual names heat pressed onto the back.

Quote. If you would like a quote for a one off garment or customisation of garments, please email us on or go to our contact page and fill in the form provided.

Please send us the design to be printed (if you have one) or explain to us what you would like to be printed and state the following information…

-Type of garment

-Quantity of the order

-Size and placement of the print

Understanding Screen Printing and Colours

What is screen printing? Screen printing is a super high quality and durable method to print garments. It’s a labour intensive process with each colour of the print requiring a separate screen printing screen/plate. Each additional colour is hand printed then spot dried between colours. The garment is rotated on a specialist screen printing carousel for the application of each additional colour. The garments are then heat cured on a tunnel dryer to provide maximum print durability and colour longevity.

What is screen printing good for? Screen printing is a great way to produce anything from 10- 1000+ printed garments. It is the best possible way to re-produce a design onto a garment.

Single Colour Screen Print

Single colour prints are the most popular choice for short volume fashion and promotional t-shirts for our customers. This is due to a quicker set up process in making the printing screens. This reduces the final print cost to you, the customer.

2 Colour Screen Print

Requiring a set up of 2 x screens, one for each print colour in the print. We offer great deals on 2colour prints on our price page which include free screen set up.

3 Colour Screen Print

Requiring a set up of 3 x screens, one for each print colour in the print.

4 Colour Screen Print

Requiring a set up of 4 x screens, one for each print colour in the print.

Split Fountain Screen Prints

Split fountain screen printing, is a technique for screen printing two or several colors in one pass. It is a great way to have more colorful prints without the added expense of extra screen set up.

As you can see in the example below which is a 2 colour screen set up. The first layer had 3 colours of ink pulled in one pass, the second layer being the black outline, creating a 4 colour print.

Individual Garment Folding/Packaging/size labelling

We offer your brand the chance to further personalise your garments with our folding, packaging and tagging service.

Gold and silver foil printing

What is gold and silver foil screen printing? This is a process that requires the same set up as a normal screen print run, so a screen is needed for each colour in the design. The differance with foil transfer printing is that instead of screen printing an ink onto the garment, a specialist foil adhesive is printed through the screen and cured onto the garment. Following this the foil (normally gold or silver) is cut to size off a roll and placed on top of the adhesive. This is then heat pressed using our industrial press, until the foil bonds with the adhesive, creating a long lasting and shiny print.

The advantage of silver and gold foil transfer printing is that the result is a brillant metallic finish which will glisten in the light. We have had some stunning results with this and some very happy customers.


As the are so many varibles when pricing silver foil transfer printing, we have not included a price structure for this service.

In order for us to give you an accurate quote on silver, gold or coloured foil printing, we would need to see the design and know the following, as the unit price will depend on these elements:

  • Quantity of your order.
  • Size of the print.

You can submit your order enquiry on the contact page by filling out the form or email us on



T shirt Printer in Bristol and Cornwall

Welcome to our Bristol & Cornwall Printing Studios


Elusive Press Screen Printers have two print studios one based in Bristol, and one based in Cornwall. For all your screen printing requirements you need look no further. We will be happy to quote on your artwork for; T shirt printing, sweatshirt printing and specialist garment printing.
We have a simple to use contact form  for you to send us your artwork and screen print requests. If you are looking for same-day fast t-shirt printing, or you need large volume quick turnaround then telephone us directly on the number below, we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Bristol - T Shirt Printing Studio

Studio 4, Offices Baynton
Baynton Road
Ashton Gate
Bristol, UK, BS3 2EB

Cornwall - T Shirt Printing Studio

Unit 9, Bejowans Business Park
St Buryan, Penzance
Cornwall, UK
TR19 6EF

Please Call:

For all enquiries;
Tel: 07772 386745

Open: 9:00 a.m. – 17:00 p.m.