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Custom t shirt and hoody printing for ‘Bleak World Clothing’

We have produced lots for custom t shirt and hoody prints for ‘Bleak World’.

Quite a special clothing brand, as only a limited number of each print is released not every to be reprinted.

So if you like a design and didn’t get the chance to buy one first time around, unfortunately this means you have missed out. Thus making the each screen print run exclusive.

So go give them a follow in instagram if you want to be updated as to when the new releases are available and if you want custom t shirts and hoodies screen printed either at our Bristol or Cornwall studio, please drop us a message info@elusivepress.co.uk


Cornwall Studio

Unit 9,
Bejowans Business Park,
St Buryan,
TR19 6EF


Bristol Studio

Studio 4, 
Baynton Offices,
Baynton Road,


+44 777 2386 745

VAT Registration No.: 389 5588 17