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Silver Foil Screen printing Heat transfer.

IMG_7268 bristol tshirt printersWe hand screen printed some custom fabric for ‘Cycle The City’ Bristol using silver foil transfer screen printing methods. The material will be tailored into retro bicycle basket linings, for a fleet of bikes available for hire on city tours.

You can see in these photos how reflective and shiny the silver foil t shirt print process appears when used on fabrics, t-shirts and a sweatshirts. We are a specialist T shirt and sweatshirt printing service in Bristol and one of the only screen printers to offer heat transfer silver and gold foil printing on garments, including t shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts and specialist promotional items such as bags and fabrics.

‘Inkie’ 4 colour Alphabet t-shirts

inkie-abc-Bristol-T-shirt-Printing-7345 inkie abc bristol screen printers Low Res

Elusive press Bristol screen printers – t shirt printing, offers the method of  ‘Split Fountain screen printing’ on tshirts, sweatshirts and hoodies for a more cost effective way to add colours to your screen print order. As you can see in the photos, the 3 colour gradient was achieved by only using one screen, which had 3 colours of plastisol ink pulled through it.

This run of 4 colour t shirts was printed for Bristol graffiti artist ‘Inkie’. All hand screen printed in our Bristol screen print studio, this order included all garments being individually folded, bagged and size labeled.


T shirt printing Bristol

T Shirt Printing in Bristol

T-shirt printing in Bristol. We also offer, sweatshirt printing, hooded sweatshirt printing, custom and specialist t shirt printing. We are a Screen Printing service based in Bristol, a Bristol screen printer with many years of tshirt and sweat shirt printing experience.

Offering high quality printing with a fast turnaround from email of artwork to full screen printed garment. We are also one of Bristol's cheapest screen printers, offering cheap t shirt printing for small private customers to large volume commercial promotion products. Concert and festival t shirt printing, high volume low cost and fast turnaround. At Elusive Press we can help you build your business or event one Tshirt at a time.

T shirt Printer in Bristol and Cornwall

Welcome to our Bristol & Cornwall Printing Studios


Elusive Press Screen Printers have two print studios one based in Bristol, and one based in Cornwall. For all your screen printing requirements you need look no further. We will be happy to quote on your artwork for; T shirt printing, sweatshirt printing and specialist garment printing.
We have a simple to use contact form  for you to send us your artwork and screen print requests. If you are looking for same-day fast t-shirt printing, or you need large volume quick turnaround then telephone us directly on the number below, we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Bristol - T Shirt Printing Studio

Studio 4, Offices Baynton
Baynton Road
Ashton Gate
Bristol, UK, BS3 2EB

Cornwall - T Shirt Printing Studio

Unit 9, Bejowans Business Park
St Buryan, Penzance
Cornwall, UK
TR19 6EF

Please Call:

For all enquiries;
Tel: 07772 386745

Open: 9:00 a.m. – 17:00 p.m.


Welcome to Elusive Press price page

Welcome to Elusive Press price page

As there are so many variables with pricing screen printing orders, we have only included a price structure for 1 and 2 colour t-shirt prints, these prices are inclusive of the screen set up charge.

Should you require a customised quote please email us direct on info@elusivepress.co.uk or fill in the order form on the contact page stating: quantity of order, number of colours in the design and garment choice.

  • T Shirt: All prices displayed are based on printing using the very popular Gildan Heavy Weight t-shirts which are colour fast and wash well. For available colours please look at the colour swatch on the home page.
  • T Shirt Colours: We are able to print your design on a variety of different colour t-shirts if you require.
  • Change of Ink Colour: If you would like your design printed in different colour inks, we offer a colour change service.
  • Up to A2 Print: We are able to print oversized with artwork up to A2 in print size, this is available on request
  • Addtional prints / placements: We can print onto the front or back of the garment and also add small left or right chest prints - Add £1 per t-shirt
  • Postage and Delivery: We are able to deliver anywhere in the UK or Europe. Prices on request unless free where stated with a promotion.

Prices for 1 Colour T-shirt Printing with free screen set.
T-shirt-1-colour10 T shirts£65
20 T shirts£105
30 T shirts£120
50 T shirts£185
75 T shirts£263
100 T shirts£325
300 T shirts£950

Prices for 2 Colour T-shirt Printing with free screen set up.
T-shirt-2-colour10 T shirts£80
20 T shirts£140
30 T shirts£180
50 T shirts£235
75 T shirts£345
100 T shirts£450
300 T shirts£1200

Individual Garment Folding/Packaging/size labelling

We offer your brand the chance to further personalise your garments with our folding, packaging and tagging service at a unit price of 50p.

Stock Tag Removal

We can also remove the stock brand label from each garment and replace with a custom screen printed label on the inside of the neck for a unit price of £1.

Screen Printing Services

What is screen printing? Basically screen printing is a labour intensive process with each colour of the print requiring a separate screen printing screen/plate. Each additional colour is hand printed then spot dried between colours. The garment is rotated on a specialist screen printing carousel for the application of each additional colour. The garments are then heat cured on a tunnel dryer to provide maximum print durability and colour longevity.

Single Colour Screen Print

Single colour prints are the most popular choice for short volume fashion and promotional t-shirts for our customers. This is due to a quicker set up process in making the printing screens. This reduces the final print cost to you, the customer.

2 Colour Screen Print

Requiring a set up of 2 x screens, one for each print colour in the print. We off great deals on 2colour prints on our price page which include free screen set up.

3 Single Colour Screen Print

The screen printing process takes place on a specialist screen printing carousel. It is the same machine for t shirts and sweatshirts. Once you understand the process you may want to tailor your multi colour logo design to a simpler sharper one or two colour print. This is because each additional colour is added using the same process and for extra colours the garment unit costs increase as the process becomes more labour intensive the more colours there are per design.

We suggest for economy of scale that minimum runs of 50 garments are usually the standard for 3 and 4 colour prints.

This garment had a 3 colour ‘bitmap’ chest print, to blend the orange ink into the yellow, creating a smooth gradient.

4 Colour Screen Print

Requiring a set up of 4 x screens, one for each print colour in the print.


Split Fountain Screen Prints

Split fountain screen printing, is a technique for screen printing two or several colours in one pass. It is a great way to have more colourful prints without the added expense of extra screen set up.

As you can see in the example below which is a 2 colour screen set up. The first layer had 3 colours of ink pulled in one pass, the second layer being the black outline, creating a 4 colour print.

Printed Garment Labels (Custom)

We can remove the Garment swing tag labels and re-place with custom screen printed labels, these are a popular addition. Not only do they give your garment a modern look and rebrand. Functionally they make the garment more comfortable to wear and make it easier for a customer to read sizing details when purchasing in store from a row of garments squashed together on clothes hangers.

Individual Garment Folding/Packaging/size labelling

We offer your brand the chance to further personalise your garments with our folding, packaging and tagging service.

Bristol Screen Printers Offering High Quality Screen Printing Services

Do you need T-shirts printed. Small runs to large volume, The Elusive Press – Located in South Bristol, is a professional T shirt and garment screen printing studio established in 2001.

Small volume t-shirt and sweatshirt printing

One colour to 4 colour t shirt prints available.

T shirt printing promotions

What started as a small single press set-up has grown into a commercial studio specialising in the production of high quality textile screen printing. We have catered for clothing brands, individuals, sports teams, festivals and everyone in between. Whether it be high volume or small runs, we strive to re-produce your design to the highest quality and we’re always on hand to discuss your order and offer advice if needed.

KTF Crew 3 colour screen printed Tshirt.

This t-shirt was hand screen printed for the Bristol based graffiti crew KTF. We have used a ‘bitmap technique to blend to blue and purple ink to create the illusion of a smooth gradient, similar to the way a bill board is printed using a series of dots.

screen print bristol devon cornwall screenprinters tshirt bristol 52bristol uk tshirt printer




Captain Riks – Limited edition 4colour t-shirt

This 4 colour screen printed t-shirt was produced as part of Mr.Riks first ever print release ‘Captain Riks’ (see here…http://www.mr-riks.com/?page_id=9). This high quality hand printed garment had a 4 colour – back print, 2 colour – small left chest print, plus custom screen printed stock size label. Each t-shirt was individually packaged with custom screen printed tags, all signed and numbered by the artist. All of this product was produced here at the Bristol Elusive Press t shirt printers, screen print studio.

screen print bristol devon cornwall screenprinters tshirt bristol 45bristol tshirt printers

Do you need T-shirts printed ?

T shirt printers based in Bristol,. We are quality Bristol screen printer, so If you are looking for a friendly and helpful t-shirt printing service, welcome to Elusive Press. We are not only a t-shirt printer but can print on a wide range of garments. This is why many choose us as their regular screen printing service based in Bristol Uk. We offer a high quality fast turnaround screen printing service. We also offer cheap and extremely affordable single colour T shirt promotion printing packages. Alongside this service we are able to; high quality sweatshirt printing, label printing and custom garment printing. We are able to cater for small or large print runs.  Whatever your t shirt or garment printing requirements we are sure we can help you.

screen print bristol devon cornwall screenprinters tshirt bristol home 1

Elusive Press

Our professional garment screen printing studio was established in 2001. With over 13 years printing experience for our own and others brands we are confident to offer a high quality service and range of products that includes;

  • Small volume t-shirt and sweatshirt printing.
  • Medium to large volume t-shirt and sweatshirt printing.
  • One colour to 4 colour t shirt prints available.
  • Printed labels,
  • Specialist inks and prints
  • Packaging service
  • Artwork and graphic design service
Helpful Service

We have steadily grown into a commercial screen printing studio that is located in South Bristol. Continually inspired by the creative people and the creative works of art flowing from the talented artists and designers in the surrounding communities. As artists ourselves living in the city we organically developed our Screen Printing Studio based on our own needs to produce high quality textile screen prints.

Our Customers

We supply many independent clothing brands, private individuals, sports teams, festivals, schools and clubs. Having a stag night or a hen party, well we can print for that too.

Small runs or high volume runs, we always strive to re-produce your design to the highest print quality using the most advanced and modern inks available. Known by our customers for our friendly service, we are always on hand to discuss your order and offer advice regarding the screen printing process where needed.

Printing on T Shirts and Sweat Shirts single/1 colour prints

All of our prices for one colour prints on t shirts and sweatshirts are inclusive of screen and set up charge. Screen printing set up can be broken down as follows;

  • 1 colour print has one screen ( no set up charge)
  • 2 colour print has 2 screens
  • 3 colour print has 3 screens and so on
  • We can do a maximum of 4 colours per design
Printing on T Shirts and Sweat Shirts 2 to 4 colour prints ( £15 per extra colour)

There is a standard set up fee of £15 per screen for each extra design that has 2 colour prints and more. Each colour in a design requires its own screen.

  • This charge is payable once to create each high quality screen needed for the initial set up.
  • Following print runs using the same design have no set up fee. Even if you wish to change the colours of the print.
  • The more colours the greater the unit cost.
Acceptable Artwork Files, .ai, .gif, .jpg, .png, .psd

1. Vector based Adobe Illustrator is best,

2. High resolution jpegs, gif or png image files saved at 300 dpi are also ok. We can also work from photoshop files. More information;

  • The print quality of your garment will be determined by the quality of the artwork you supply.
  • If you are unable to supply print ready artwork, we have experienced graphic designers that are able to bring your artwork up to printing standard. (price depends on upon artwork and will be discussed on a per job basis)
  • If your artwork needs to be completely redrawn we can discuss and offer this service.

We can supply a variety of quality garments,

  • T shirts Hooded sweatshirts, crew neck sweatshirts polo shirts and vests.
  • You can supply your own garments for us to print on if you choose. (We will negotiate a print only price for this)
Turnaround time 1 week to 10 days
  • Our job completion times are quick once if the artwork has been supplied print ready and does not need too much refinement or adjustment.
  • Screens can be made in 1-3 days from receipt of artwork for single colour prints. Once the job enters the print queue. Usually 1 week is enough.
  • We have busy periods, however we can speed up turnaround time ahead of other jobs for a small premium.
Packaging Service

We can supply T shirts boxed as one or individually bagged

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